400 Kw




The Deanston hydro scheme was acquired by Wemyss Renewables as a going concern.  The scheme consists of two low-head turbines at the Deanston Distillery, and a hydroelectric scheme has existed at the site since the late 1940s.  Prior to that the infrastructure powered the largest water wheels in Europe. Today, the 400kW scheme has been modernised with electronic control systems, and supplies the Deanston Distillery with electricity, exporting any excess to the national electricity network for use elsewhere in the local area.  The scheme draws water from the river Teith at the Deanston Weir, from where it runs along the original lade to a pentrough within the distillery buildings.  The water then passes down through two turbines - a pelton and wall-plate - before being returned to the Teith through the original tailraces.  The scheme operates with a head of c. 9.5m and receives ROCs on generation.